Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Called to Serve

 It's here!  Our mission call arrived while we were on our Church History trip in mid-July, 2010.  We called Tim as we were traveling back to Utah and asked if it had come.  He told us no.  Really... he lied to us!  When we got home we checked the church missionary site and it had been mailed on July 9th.  It was now July 17th.  It shouldn't have taken more than a week to get to Bountiful.  We were baffled until Sunday night when Cherie, Traci, Jared, and Tim (with their spouses and families) came up the basement stairs carrying an envelope from the missionary department.  Tim had gotten it on Wednesday of that week and hid it from us so that everyone could be there when we opened it. 
We were so surprised!!  The family were all able to be with us to hear the exciting news, either in person or through skype!   We were called to go to the Belgium/Netherlands Mission, and would report at the MTC on November 29th.  I told Linford that he was the most spoiled missionary in the church!  He put The Netherlands as his first choice on our application, and he got his wish.  (I was okay with that).  We will be serving in the Young Adult Centers and also in the Institute program.  What a thrill! 
We gave 5 1/2 months to wait--it seems like and eternity.  During that time, however, we have to send for our FBI clearance and apply for our visas, which takes several months.  We also need to study DUTCH.  I hope these old brain cells still work!
   We have been assigned a tutor from the MTC who is really helping us with the language.  Linford is quickly getting his Dutch back from his first mission, and I am trying hard to learn as much as I can.  It's not easy!   We'll probably have to start over when we arrive in the country.  Wish us luck!