Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keukenhof - A Paradise of Flowers

This is the entrance to Keukenhof - reported in the guide books to be one of the 3 most photographed places in the world.  I wonder where numbers 1 and 2 are.....

We came to Keukenhof in the late afternoon following a Temple Zone Conference.  It was a beautiful, sunny day and the flowers were glorious!

Tulips were not the only flowers in the gardens.  Hyacinths were very popular as well as varieties I couldn't name.

Some of the tulips were very different from the sterotypical varieties we usually see.

Which of the two missionaries in these pictures do you think enjoyed the flowers most?

Just kidding -

There are a lot of orange tulips - do we have those in the states?

These are really 'fluffy'. 

I liked the blue and white together.  

Behind us were fields and fields of flowers.  They go for miles.

The farmers cut the tops off the flowers to encourage the bulbs to divide and be healthy.  It seemed such a waste.

There was a pretty design in this garden. 

I'm sure this is some kind of an animal.  Any guesses?

I wish I knew the names of some of these less familiar flowers.

The smells surrounding us were almost overpowering but they contributed to the feeling of being immersed in flowers.

We would have loved to spend more time but had to get back to Amsterdam for Institute with the Young Adults.  I took nearly a hundred pictures - Irresistible.    

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fields of Flowers in Holland

It is TRULY unbelieveable to drive through the Haarlem/Lisse area in April.  The flowers are glorious, and their smell permeates the air!  This blog is going to be without commentary.  The color and beauty of these flower fields say all that needs saying.  ENJOY!

Don't we live in an incredibly beautiful world?