Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Donny Osmond Visits Holland

Flyers were passed out all over Holland in March announcing that Donny Osmond would be coming to give three firesides in The Netherlands.  In each of the countries his four older sons have served missions, he has given firesides to help create interest among non-member fans.  For some unknown reason, President Brubaker asked Elder Beckstrand and myself to be on the committee organizing the firesides.
The family arrived in Holland on April 18th.  Donny, his wife Debbie, and their missionary son Christopher enjoyed their reunion after a year and a half of being separated.  Elder Osmond is currently serving in Almere, and is the district leader of the Amsterdam district.  We have been in the Amsterdam district since March and have really enjoyed getting to know this dedicated young missionary. 

The first fireside was held in Rotterdam.  The Osmonds learned a very basic fact about Dutch traffic that first night - you can't  EVER depend on getting where you need to be WHEN you need to be there.  The traffic is HORRIFIC!  They were caught in a traffic jam that put them and hour and a half behind schedule.  Thank goodness Donny is a pro! He didn't let  that throw him. 

I was in charge of providing a hospitality room where food and beverages were available for the family before each evening's program.  In this picture I caught Jeremy (left) enjoying a sandwich.  Josh, at age 13, is the only Osmond son who has not yet served a mission. 

Brandon (left) and Don (right) are taking advantage of their missionary brother to help them learn the Dutch words to "I Am a Child of God".  The family ended each fireside with a group rendition of 'Families Can Be Together Forever' and 'I Am a Child of God.'

Fans and church members mobbed Donny after each fireside, anxious to get a picture of this well-known Mormon celebrity.

Sister Brubaker always made sure the missionaries who helped with the firesides got their pictures taken with the guest of honor.  Debbie talked with the sisters about some of her experiences being the wife of a famous entertainer.

The Osmond's three grandchildren came with their parents to The Netherlands.  (The 6-month old grandson was sleeping.)  Here the family relax in the hospitality room following the fireside in Utrecht.  The Relief Society president bought gifts and toys for the children to keep them entertained.

Even in the middle of the fan frenzy, Donny takes a call on his cell phone.  A career in show business can't be easy! 

Would you eventually get tired of having your picture taken? 

Elder Brockbank, one of President Brubaker's Assistants, helps with the set-up of the powerpoint presentation Donny used in his talk. 

The missionaries were so relieved (especially me) to have each evening go well.  They zealously collected all of the referral cards as they came in.  When they were all totalled there were 150 people who indicated that they would like to learn more about the church.  What an amazing missionary tool this has been!

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