Saturday, May 14, 2011

Missionary Moments

The Zone Temple Conference held in April was greeted with gorgeous spring weather.  Following the session the missionaries ate lunch on the park lawn next to the church.  (Actually, the building was locked - the Leiden missionaries forgot to come and open the chapel).  Nobody was sorry we couldn't eat inside. 

Sister Van Komen with several elders and sisters in the background.

Ah!  The keys have arrived.  The elders collect their backpacks and head into the church for the devotional.  This is the first time we have been to the Leiden Chapel.

It's quite large for The Netherlands.

The second day of the Zone Temple Conference.  This is a lovely place to be with all of these dedicated elders and sisters.  The spirit in the session is very special when surrounded by nearly 50 missionaries.

Everyone steps outside after the session for pictures of the temple.  Tuesday's session consisted of the Apeldoorn and Antwerpen zones.  Wednesday's session consisted of the Rotterdam and Den Haag Zones.  There are four zones in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission with approximately 86 missionaries.  The senior missionaries attended both days in order to be ordinance workers for the sessions.

The sisters pose for a picture of their own - no men allowed!

The Zone Leaders were in charge of lunch.  The church was open today so we were able to have our lunch inside.  Is everyone having fun?  If the elders enjoy working in the kitchen so much, how come the senior couples are asked to cook so often for them?? 

The missionaries enjoy visiting with each other and swapping stories of their experiences.

The Senior couples show their healthy lunch - everybody gets an orange.  When Elder Robinson has anything to do with the menu, we eat healthy.  NO SUGAR!!!  ( I noticed none of the young elders or sisters asked to join us at the 'elderly' table.  They don't know how much fun we have.)

From the left:  Elders Jones,  ?, Sanchez, Sanford, and Benson. ( I guess I don't have all their names memorized.)

These elders in the foreground have all been in our districts:  Elder Hanks, Elder Frahm, Elder Swartz, Elder Osmond, and Elder Benson (tall).  Since there are two Elder Bensons in our mission, the obvious physical difference is used to distinguish the two.

Although not related to zone conference, this is a picture of the Rotterdam Chapel - a very big building that has been recently renovated.   This is the building in which the Rotterdam JoVo's hold their activities.

Every time we go to the Amsterdam Chapel  we go past this "Hummertje".  It always makes us smile.  The ending 'tje' in Dutch indicates a smaller version of the real thing.  Therefore, a hummertje means a small Hummer.   (REALLY small.)

This is the Amsterdam Chapel from the south side.  This is the side where the chapel and recreation hall are located.

This is a view of the front - the main entrance is through the gate and the large wooden doors.

The Amsterdam district poses for a 'not-so-serious' picture following our district training.  Sister Brubaker is just one of the girls.  We get so attached to the young people that we hate it when transfer day comes and some of them have to leave our district for other parts of the mission.  It's amazing how quickly they worm their way into your heart.

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