Saturday, June 11, 2011

A World of Windmills

I admit it - I have an unmanageable fascination with windmills - all the sizes, shapes, and colors supply an almost endless opportunity for another 'kodak moment'.  If you're tired of looking at windmills, you'll probably want to skip this blog.

If I were well educated in regards to the shapes of windmills I would be able to say why some are two-pieced and others are solid.  But alas, I have no idea - which adds to the mystique.

This one in the Leidschendam area sits on top of a house.

This one is on the road from Utrecht to Amsterdam.  We pass it frequently on the freeway.

This beauty is in Schiedam,  one of the areas where Linford served his first mission.

We took a trip to Groningen and caught this one from the highway.  The blades were actually turning.

I've only seen two white ones. This one is in the city of Zoetermeer, the city where the Hague Temple is located.

This gorgeous example was recently restored and moved to Keukenhof - the famous flower garden. 

Two more taken from the car window.  Often when we're riding down the highway I just have to pull out my camera and try to capture these beautifies. 

The Old Versus The New
Side by side we see a picturesque, traditional windmill and a modern windmill used to generate electricity.

We pass this lovely lady on the way to Almere.

And we can't forget Kinderdijk in the snow.

There are 19 here.

Don't drive so fast - it makes the picture blurry!

After all - what's more important, getting where we're going or taking pictures of all the windmills along the way?

On the way to Leiden to the Mission Office we always pass this lovely lady.

And just a couple of blocks from the office stands this very tall windmill.  It is a double decker.

We can see the bottom half better from this angle.

Another one out the window of the car as we travel along the A4 freeway to Amsterdam.

We found this beauty in the center of Haarlem.  We're definitely going back there soon - there is much more exploring to be done there.
Wherever we're traveling in the mission, I always feel like it's been a good trip if I see windmills.  They're my favorite of all the beautiful sights to see in Holland.

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