Thursday, August 18, 2011

Rijnsburg Flower Parade

On August 13th we were invited to the Tibbitts' apartment in Rijnsburg for lunch and the annual "Bloemen Parade"  (Flower Parade) that was held there.  After enjoying a delicious lunch we went out onto their balcony for a birds-eye view of the parade, which passed right in front of their apartment building.

It was raining quite hard down on the street, but we were protected from the weather by a roof over their balcony and we watched the parade in warmth and comfort!

                                      This is the Netherlands' flag.  It was waving in the breeze just in front of us.

The people watching the parade were wearing raincoats and holding umbrellas throughout the event.  It would be nice if the rain could just go away long enough to enjoy the floats.

We weren't sure if this entry was trying to show an alien from outer space or a submarine immersed in flowers.

This limo was strewn with cornucopias filled with flowers. 

There were several bands.  This one was all brass.  They had a great sound and their lines were straight, too!

This was a clever idea.  The land of Holland was shown here on the map reminding us that it is one of the largest producers of flowers in the world.

Many of the entries were flowers draped over cars in beautiful color combinations.

The Scottish dancers were dancing to music played by a bagpipe band immediately behind it.  The next entry went from Europe to Asia, highlighting geisha girls from Japan.

There is more than one way to show off flowers in this parade.  This energetic bicyclist peddled his way down the parade route.  Bicycles with carts in front are a familiar sight in this country.

It was fun to see Tigger ride by on the back of this car, surrounded by beautiful flowers. 

Winnie the Pooh followed right behind his friend Tigger.  Children all over the world enjoy these delightful Disney characters.

It only makes sense to have Winnie the Pooh in a flower parade.  After all - the honey he loves wouldn't be available if the bees didn't have flowers to get their nectar!

So many fun colors and ways to display flowers.  It wasn't the "Rose Bowl", but it was delightfully Dutch.

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