Monday, July 30, 2012

Mesa Mission Senior Couples Activity

Monday, July 23rd - This evening could be called a Family Home Evening
Activity or a 24th of July Party.  Either works for me!  We hadn't met all of the senior couples in the mission after being here 6 months, so I decided we needed to rectify that situation! 

We brought tables from the Visitors' Center and set them up in the living room of our home here on the temple grounds. The pretty yellow cloths and sunflower candle rings look bright and cheerful, don't you think?

For the rest of our group we used the dining table next to the kitchen.  We planned for 24, but the Capaneras (2nd counselor in the mission presidency)  weren't able to make it. 

As soon as she arrived Sister Nilsen went right to work putting ice and water in the glasses. 

To help everyone get acquainted, we played a game where we each had to find someone in the group who shared the same number of children, grandchildren, birthday month, etc.  It allowed us to learn interesting facts about each other as we asked the questions on our papers.

Sister Livingston (left) visits with Sisters Chase and Hansen.

Mmmm.  We have some great cooks in this group!  There were a few at the table who hated to put down their forks long enough for the photo.  Everything was delicious!

President and Sister Ellsworth visit with the Chases and the Phippens over dinner. 
We had a pirate at our table - Sister Pyrah recently had surgery and is required to wear a patch over her left eye.  It makes her look quite mysterious.....

Our fearless leaders - President and Sister Ellsworth, are by far the youngest in the group.  They come from Carey, Idaho, and have just completed their second year as leaders of our mission.

The Pyrahs also come from Carey and were recruited by the Ellsworths to work in the office.  Sister Pyrah is the mission secretary and Elder Pyrah takes care of the missionary housing and finances. 

Also working in the office are the Nilsens, who come from Hailey, Idaho.  Elder Nilsen is in charge of Mission's fleet of cars  and Sister Nilsen is the referral secretary.

These next three couples serve at the Visitors' Center.  First we see Elder and Sister Livingston from Ogden, Utah.

Next are Elder and Sister Jenkins from Vernal, Utah.  They arrived the end of January, just a couple of weeks after us.

Elder Beckstrand is enjoying being the Director at the Visitors' Center and I feel very blessed to be his companion.  We love working with the other couples and the 23 sister missionaries that are serving at the Center.

These next couples serve throughout the mission as member-support couples.  The Phippens are currently assigned to Kay's Creek.

Elder and Sister Camp are here from St. George, Utah and serve in Apache Junction.

The Chases are the newest couple in the mission.  They came from Syracuse, Utah and have only been in the mission about two weeks.

Elder and Sister Hansen are residents of Gilbert, Arizona, and are serving as member-support missionaries for the Robson Ward in Mesa.  Sister Hansen and I share a love for quilting.

Elder and Sister Vorwaller hail from Tooele, Utah, and are serving in the northern part of the mission at Heber, which isn't too far from Snowflake, home of one of Arizona's four temples.  Since the trip down to Mesa takes about three hours, they stayed the night with us before heading back to their assigned area.

We thoroughly loved getting to know these wonderful couples but the Ellsworths stole the show when they related Sister Ellsworths experiences as she tried to learn how to be the wife of an Idaho farmer after being raised a city girl in Seattle, Washington.  We all laughed until we cried! 
What a fun evening!!!

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