Monday, September 24, 2012

Christmas Lights Service Project

We started Monday morning, September 10th, bright and early with a 6:00 am service project.  Sister Jackson, whose husband has been called to be the new chairman of Christmas Lights, met us at the storage facility to tell us how we could help them with preparations for this annual event.

          The young sisters who were here right on time got a group shot to reward their promptness.

Some of the sisters were put to work reorganizing the shelves that held lights for the stakes to do their individual assignments on the grounds.  No hired workers are used in the Mesa Temple Christmas Lights set-up or take-down.

Sisters Hollady, Slater, and Carlson are removing boxes that will later be re-shelved in a more organized manner.

Meanwhile, other sisters are securing lights onto 'spiders' which are used in the flower beds.

These sisters are working on some of the larger 'spiders', which look like miniature fountains of water in the shrubbery.
I was fascinated to see this camel suspended from the ceiling.  Just the body and head are here.

The legs are hung separately, and will be attached when the camel is set up on the grass.

Here we get a glimpse of the Wise Men, waiting to bring gifts to the Christ child.

Sister Miller helps Sister Dashjav with another project.

Their assignment is to reorganize these shelves so that all of the supplies are in labeled boxes, each item in it's own container.

Lots of smiles indicate that everyone is having a great time.
Sister Jackson gives instructions to Sister Sordes as she shucks her jacket and gets to work.
Sisters Lewis, MacKenzie, and Falcon are threading lights onto the larger fountain wires.

Elder Beckstrand helps with the job of cataloging the equipment.

We're almost through UN-shelving - then we have to put it all back!

The man on the left is Dee Hobbs, current chairman of Christmas Lights.  This will be his 9th, and final year as chairman.  What a service he has rendered our church and the communities who enjoy this yearly Christmas event.

Yes, Sister Beckstrand was present and managed to help where she could.

Dee was good to work right alongside the sisters.  He patiently waits while Sister Aranda finds a place to put her box.

These sisters are organizing all of the small items that are the similar into labeled containers.  It is tedious work, but they stick to the job until it has been successfully completed.

I had the strange feeling that this ewe and her lambs were watching the proceedings and making sure everything was done correctly!

Sisters Shurtz and Lewis help the others finish up their fountains.

Before letting any of the sisters leave I asked Sister Jackson to get a group shot.  Aren't they a good looking group?  It's always invigorating to start the day doing something useful, and service is always a blessing to our missionaries.  Christmas Lights bring thousands of visitors into the Vistors' Center, so we have a vested interest in the success of this annual event.  Thanks girls!  WE LOVE YOU!

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