Thursday, June 27, 2013

Historic Event at the VC!

Friday morning, June 14th was an historic day at the Mesa Temple Visitors' Center.  Our sister missionaries were at the center by 8:30 am for a special training session.

The big smiles on our sisters' faces indicate how excited they are to be chosen by the Missionary Department to participate in a test designed to integrate i-pads into their daily missionary work, both at the Visitors' Center and in their areas.

Elder Beckstrand assists Brother Watson in setting up for the training.  Theater 1 has been transformed into a giant media center.  (We even have WiFi!)

Extensive diagrams and instructions help the sisters identify the ways in which they can use the i-pads in their teaching.  The area books from their individual full field areas have been downloaded into their devices and they will also have access to their connect accounts here at the VC.

Okay.  Ready, set, GO!

Brother Watson answers questions and makes suggestions as to how the sisters can implement this technology into their daily missionary activities.

Our sisters listen intently, feeling the importance of this huge shift in direction.

 Following the training the sisters display their new 'teaching tools' (alias i-pad minis) for a photo.  They will be experimenting and reporting back to Salt Lake as they discover any glitches that arise in the technology.  We feel so lucky to be entrusted with this revolutionary change in direction for proselyting around the globe. 

 Using technology isn't new to this generation, thank goodness, and the use of it in appropriate ways will be a great blessing to missionary work!

Once the specialized training was completed and Theater 1 cleared out, our new humanitarian exhibit could be unloaded and set up in that room.

Monday morning, bright and early, the temple engineers arrived en masse to uncrate the boxes.

 It took seven men most of the morning to move the new exhibit into our large theater.

I was in charge of photographing the contents of each box so that it could be repacked correctly when it was time for it to be moved out to make room for the nativities display in November.

Once set up, the beautiful panes showing humanitarian service around the world has been enjoyed by many of our VC guests.

This station allows our VC patrons to suggest additional ways in which they can be of service in their local wards and stakes.

It is humbling to belong to this wonderful church that daily practices the admonitions of the Savior to serve one another and make their burdens lighter.

A large screen TV in the final room summarizes the exhibit and captures the rapt attention of this group of young people.
During the week the exhibit was being set up at the Center, our mission was holding daily temple sessions and farewell tributes for the Ellsworths.

Following the spiritual feast at the temple and the meeting held in the chapel, we enjoyed a feast of a different, but also much enjoyed kind.

The elders very kindly let the sisters go first, which was generous of them.  It looks like there is plenty of food for seconds.

Sister Hansen and I enjoyed working on this wall-hanging quilt as a gift for the Ellsworths.  I would love to have one exactly like it when we finish our assignment here in Mesa.
President and Sister Ellsworth have been such wonderful leaders in our mission.  We will miss their warm smiles, their love and concern, and the friendship they have shown us as we have served at the Visitors' Center.  God bless you both.  We'll certainly miss you!

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