Thursday, November 14, 2013

November Happenings

 It's exciting to see how quickly the Christmas lights are appearing on temple grounds.  Sister Jackson (holding the ladder) is the chairman of this huge event.  She works all year to coordinate the hundreds of volunteers who help get the grounds ready.

Many stakes in the area send willing workers to lend a hand.

"Get the lights untangled first, then arrange them among the flowers," says AM Eagle man to his complement of workers.  (They look like YSA's, don't they?)

Meanwhile, a group of young men are attaching ropes to the huge star that will shine above the stable where Joseph, Mary, and the Christ Child will be placed.

This crew chief is insuring that all of the ropes are secure and properly aligned.

Okay, HEAVE!

                                             Keep it coming.....Steady......Steady......Pull!!

Whew!  They did it!  This star contains 10,000 led lights.  When lit, it shines so brightly that it can be seen many blocks away. 

 Fast forwarding a couple of days we noticed that palm fronds had been added to the roof of the       stable. Every step adds beauty and authenticity to the scene.  

I arrived at the VC on Saturday, November 9th to find a fun surprise awaiting me.  Two lovely former VC sisters were here to visit - Sara Cottrell and Holly Larson.  It was soooooo good to see them.

 The VC sisters on shift that morning were equally excited to welcome these good friends.  It seems
perfectly natural to see 'Sister Cottrell and Sister Larson' back in our midst.
Additional preparations for Christmas Lights have been happening inside the Visitors' Center.  Monday morning, Nov. 11th, the humanitarian exhibit that has been in our large theater came down.  Elder Andrus helped Bruce and Sean carry the large pieces outside to be packed for shipment to Salt Lake City.

What a big job it is to repack all of this equipment.  We really appreciate the help from our temple engineers in getting this room cleared out so the Nativity Exhibit can be set up next week.

This is the scene that met our eyes when we looked out of the north doors of the Visitors' Center on Saturday night.  Are the wise men already on their way to find the baby???
As a nice prelude to Veteran's Day we were pleased to have the Air Force Academy LDS Cadet Choir come to our center and present a program on Sunday night, November 10th.  They sang a variety of hymn arrangements and reminded our quests of the great service the men and women in the armed forces provide for the safety and well-being of our country.

Before we are released in January from our calling here at the Visitors' Center in Mesa, we have been trying to see some of the beauties of the state of Arizona.  This is one of the magnificent scenes that greeted us when we took a day trip to Sedona.

This formation is called Bell Rock.  Quite impressive!

Two of our daughters, Traci and Cami, have been visiting from Utah.  I have enjoyed showing them the sights - they especially loved the balmy weather.  80's in November is not what they're used to in Utah.  It is going to be tough to return to Bountiful in January.    Sigh....

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