Monday, December 13, 2010

It's happened!  The visas miraculously arrived and we're going into the MTC as scheduled on November 29th.  We couldn't be happier!  For the first time in memory we had all of our family home for Thanksgiving except for Cami's husband who had to work.  We're now 30 in number, which is a houseful.  We had great food and great fun spending the day together.

                                           Cherie and Cami share a rare moment of quiet.

Lots of cute grandchildren beginning with Tyler and Olivia

Anna and Mylee

Megan and Candice

We were hoping to have everyone back on Sunday for our Sacrament Meeting, but a severe winter storm made it hard for many family members to join us.  We were grateful to have those who traveled arrive safely.  After our meeting we enjoyed 'brunch' together and then in the afternoon President McQuire set us apart as missionaries.  We can now officially wear the badge!  What a privilege!

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  1. It's awesome!!!! Way to go. You're a pro already. Looking forward to more.

    Love ya!!