Friday, December 24, 2010

This a a view of Brussels outside of our apartment window.  There are buildings of this size and density in every direction.

There was a lovely garden just below our window.  It was fun to just stand and enjoy the beautiful view.

On Sunday we went to Antwerpen to church.  Following the block schedule there was a baptism held for two African converts (Richard and Charles).  This is Richard standing with the sister missionaries who taught him.  They had these authentic Aftrican dresses made in honor of his baptism

On Monday, December 13th, we went with some other elders to the Grand Place in downtown Brussels.  This reminded me of the Grand Plaza we saw in Madrid.  Everything is built around a large square.  Since this is the center of the city, the buildings here are some of the oldest in the area.  They would date back hundreds of years.

We went into this indoor shopping area just to browse.

Belgium is famous for its chocolate.  This store was a good example of the hype and attention they give their chocolate creations.  These missionaries were with us on their P-Day because they were leaving Belgium.

Everything is just so majestic and regal.

This building is a very expensive hotel now.

A church from the side view.

I thought the steeple was especially pretty.

We enjoyed the nativity that had been set up in the square for the month of December.  The people in the scene were all life-size, and quite realistic.

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