Sunday, February 20, 2011

Introducing the Rotterdam JoVo's

Family Home Evening is held every Monday night.  The young people come for a lesson and games.  Treats are ALWAYS part of the evening.  The JoVos from left to right:  Michael, Lydia's sister (not old enough to be an official JoVo), Lydia, Celeste, Afraim, and Aleena.

Continuing around the circle - Afraim, Aleena, Jonathan, and Mark.  Mark has everyone working on little boxes that will hold candy hearts to give out as favors at the dance.

Aleena is heading home.  She is one of our youngest members, having just turned 18.

Lydia and Catherine make letters to spell the word "Love" in several languages.  The letters will go on the walls of the cultural hall to carry out the theme "Alles is Liefde".  ( Everything is Love)

 These young men are making boxes to display long-stemmed red roses.

Celeste and Alia-Zon put sticky tack on the reverse side of the letters before sticking them to the walls.

Although they aren't Young Adults, Elders Anderson and Beckstrand are drafted into service.  Here they put together a floor lamp that will be used at the dance in place of the overhead lights.  Atmosphere is everything!

Mark and Sister Anderson hold the fabric strips against the side wall while Sister Beckstrand stretches it across the room and cuts it the right size to hang from the wires above their heads.

Here Sister Anderson hems each strip so that the edges don't fray when pinned to the wires.  Sister Beckstrand is kept busy cutting each strip and pinning it for Sister Anderson to sew.

Everyone is involved in the decorating.  The dance is tomorrow night!

The night for the Valentine Dance arrives - Friday, February 11, 2011.  Tyler and Celeste pose behind these beautiful roses in the boxes they built on Thursday.  They look lovely, don't they?

Our D.J.'s really were 'Bueno".  The young people really enjoyed the music they chose.

The cultural hall is all decked out for the big event.

Lydia puts together 'pigs-in-a-blanket' for hungry dancers.  The young people prefer healthy snacks to sweet ones.  I need to follow their good example.  It's way too easy to put on weight over here.  Every new food I see looks so delectible that I can't resist trying it.  I hope my clothes will still fit a year from now!

The arrival of nearly 175 young people makes the dance an unqualified success!  The setting was beautiful, the music well-chosen for LDS standards, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

As you can see - 'Alles is Liefde'.  Amore, Liebe, Love, whatever the language, Valentine's Day is about LOVE!  Wouldn't it be great if some of these young people found their liefde tonight?  After all - that's one of the main purposes of these Centers for Young Adults. 

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