Sunday, February 27, 2011

Senior Couples Retreat to Deventer

Saturday, February 19, 2011 we had a 'couples' conference in Deventer.  President and Sister Brubaker were here to welcome us and offer counsel and encouragement. 

It was fun to get together and discuss the needs, challenges, and rewards of working in the Centers for Young Adults. 

A delicious potluck lunch was enjoyed by all present. 

There were nine couples present.  This CfYA was beautiful!  It was in the center of town and consisted of a large meeting area (shown) with a kitchen and bathroom to the left.  The Hofmans lived upstairs in a spacious 3-bedroom apartment.

Our hosts - The Hofmans - who are the Senior Couple over the JoVo Center here in Deventer.

 We took the time to pose for a group picture when the young elders came for an investigator appointment. 

Following the meeting we took a short walk through the center of town.  What a beautiful city!  This church was right in the heart of the centrum.  It was called the Broederenkerk - Church of the Brethren.

Inside the church were many gorgeous stained-glass windows.

There was a street fair taking place on the Saturday we were in Deventer.  This pipe organ was filling the air with happy calliope music.

The Grote Kerk (The Great Church) was large enough to fill a city block.  It had several buildings attached to the main cathedral.

I love the detail on these old European buildings.  The architect enjoyed creating interesting contrasts between the red and white building materials.  The crest over the door denotes that this is a government building.

Elder Beckstrand stands in the main square of the centrum.   Every city has a center that is always the oldest part of the city.   Because of their antiquity, the buildings in the centrums are always the most picturesque.

 This is the Deventer City Hall.  It has been used as the center of government in this city for hundreds of years.  The Grote Kerk is on the right.  The two buildings face each other on either side of the square.
We loved this little cart advertising the items available inside this shop.

This is the Deventer Center for Young Adults from the outside.  Quite a beautiful building, and a plum in the mission.  Each of the couples would love to serve here.  There would never be any conflicts between ward and JoVo activities because the Young Adults have the building all to themselves.  How spoiled! 

Elder and Sister Anderson - Rotterdam Center for Young Adults

Elder and Sister Tibbitts - Mission Office Couple 

Elder and Sister Van Komen - Groningen Center for Young Adults

Elder and Sister Pankratz - finishing up their service in the Amsterdam Center for Young Adults.

Elder and Sister Everton - newly arrived this past week.  Sister Everton will be the Mission Nurse.

Brother and Sister Noot - Brother Noot is the Institute Director for The Netherlands.  He teaches institute in all of the centers and the young people love him!  He's a great teacher and example for them.

Before returning to Dordrecht we took a slight detour south to Nijmegen.  We might not get the opportunity to come over to this part of the country again.  It was a foggy day but we loved this view of the city from across the river.

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