Thursday, March 24, 2011

Goodbye to Dordrecht

Our last district meeting with the Utrecht district was held on March 15th.  When we said goodbye there were a few misty eyes - I wonder if that was because they will miss us or the Lion House rolls that we brought for lunch.  Elder Frahm (the tall one on the back row) ate 6!  With legs that long, it's no mystery where he puts all the food he eats.

The same group with Elder Beckstrand.  We're being transferred to Amsterdam on Friday.  Elder Hanks, next to Elder Beckstrand, will be going to Amsterdam also.  It's nice to take one of our 'kids' with us to our new area.

Our final Zone P-Day activity was a trip on a Pannenkoeken Boot (Pancake Boat).  The boat docked right across the street from the Euromast that we visited on my birthday.

All aboard the Pannenkoeken Boat.

Our Zone Leaders, Elder Robinson (left) and Elder Sanford (center) organized the outing for the Rotterdam Zone.  Because the boat was only available in the evenings, some of the elders and sisters already had teaching appointments. 

Those that could be there had a great time.  From front left they are:  Elder Robinson, Sister Anderson, Sister Beckstrand, Elder Beckstrand, Elder Sanford, Elder Anderson, Sister Garvin, and Sister Rich.

We each took a dinner plate-sized pancake (more like a crepe in America) and put whatever toppings on it that we desired.  Pannenkoeken are a favorite of the Dutch people.  They have been served for supper at the JoVo Center on several occasions.  I especially liked the ones that had slices of apple cooked into the pancake.  Mmmmmm.

As we ate we sailed up the river enjoying the beautiful evening.  On our right was the Rotterdam - a luxury oceanliner from the mid-1900's. 

Looking back we could see the Euromast.  On my birthday we didn't have the energy to walk up the steps to the very highest lookout deck.  Maybe if we hadn't eaten such a big lunch we could have made it....

Everyone is enjoying their pancakes.  The boy on the right is an investigator that the zone leaders brought.  If we can interest him in the church through his stomach, who'd complain?  Our mission motto:  "Whatever Works!"

How on earth can we put away this much food?  (And this was only our lst time through the line.)   Some of the elders went back 3 times.  I was groaning all the way back to Dordrecht.

We were starting to lose the light, but it was such a beautiful evening that I couldn't resist going up on the top deck and looking out over the river towards the city.  We'll miss this area when we move up north to Amsterdam.

Elder Sanford's 1,000 Watt smile is as bright as the reflection of the flash in the window.  He has a beautiful singing voice and loves to accompany himself on the guitar.  There is a definite 'country' style to his singing.  When he and Elder Robinson sang "I Need Thee Every Hour" for sacrament meeting in Rotterdam North, we had to remind him not to put too much country twang into his voice. 

Elder Robinson doesn't mind sitting next to Sister Rich and Sister Garvin.... Just because you're on a diet it doesn't mean that you can't look at the menu! 

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