Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zone Training in Rotterdam

Here we are at the Rotterdam South Church for Zone Training.  Elder Hanks and Elder Andrews (back, left) arrive at the same time so we put Elder Andrews to work carrying chicken crepes into the building.  Yes - we've been assigned to prepare lunch - again.  They love the senior couples to cook, and cook, and cook......

"President Brubaker, who's your new friend?"

Scenes of Holland had been set up in the cultural hall by a local photographer.  We took advantage of the back-drop to
get a fun photo with the Andersons. 

Sister Garvin and Sister Hill have chosen their mascots for the day.  The best part is they don't make noise and they don't make messes (the animals, that is).

Sister Rich and Elder Frahm display replicas of Gouda cheese, which really are that large.  Elder Andrews chose a cute little goat.  That's appropriate for a born and bred Utahn.

This is the entire Rotterdam Zone for the next few weeks.  We have learned to love all of these amazing young people.  They work hard and are worthy respresentatives of the Savior.  We have also learned to fix LOTS of food when the elders are going to be present.  They can eat as diligently as they work. 

It was fun to single out the ' Zusters'  for our own photo.  I couldn't help but notice that the young sisters are out in this freezing cold weather without coats, while the SENIOR sisters are all wrapped up.  Is that a sign that we are wimpy or just smart???

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  1. What fun! To answer your last question . . . definitely smart! I'm always reminding my kids that a coat would be a great idea in 10-20 degree weather. They all have great coats, I just can't understand why they choose to be cold instead of wearing them. Crazy kids!!