Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fun with the Missionaries and Jovos

It was Elder Bastien's birthday on October 2nd.  We couldn't let this big moment pass without cake and ice cream.  He's 21 today! (The elder fourth from the left.) 

Lighting the candles requires a joint effort.

Don't bother us  - we're eating.

October 9th- just one Sunday later -  we celebrated Elder Mueller's 21st birthday.  He wanted gummi bears on his cake and he arranged them himself.  Every bear placement was a work of art.

Elder Bastien does the honors of lighting the candles.

And he huffed, and he puffed, and he blew them all out!

What great elders!  From the left:  Elder Favero, Elder Mueller, Elder Schulte, and Elder Bastien.  All but Elder Schulte are from Davis County - they come from GOOD stock....

On P-Day we gave Sister Larson her very first opportunity to see the ocean. She and her companions couldn't wait to run their bare toes through the sand.

Imagine going 21 years without seeing the ocean.  I guess there aren't many beaches in Arizona where Sister Larson grew up.

It's the last day before transfers.  The Almere District shows their enjoyment in being together for perhaps the last time.  Where we'll go - only the President knows.

Sister de Groot (center) knows exactly where she'll be going - home to Alpine, Utah.  She gives her companions a goodbye hug.  She isn't ready to leave - seriously.

The combined Amsterdam and Almere districts meet each Tuesday for district meetings.  They are a lively crew and it is Sister Salden's and my responsibility to fill up their hollow legs at lunch time.  That takes a LOT of food!

On Saturday, October 22nd, we drove to Alkmaar to attend the baptism of our newest Jovo member - Tessa Hetem.  She poses here for a picture with Elder Nielsen and Elder Van de Graaf.

This picture is of Tessa with her Dutch mother (right) and her Utah mother (Mrs. Giatras), who was her host parent when she was an exchange student in Spanish Fork 3 years ago.  The Giatras introduced Tessa to the gospel while she was living with them.

We're so excited to have Tessa as part of our JoVo center - officially.  She can hardly keep her eyes open - she's in the middle of a bad case of mono.  When her Utah guests go home she promises she'll get some rest.

Tessa with her host parents.  Brother Giatras baptized her, and just as a side note - he was born and raised for several years in the Bountiful 23rd Ward - right next to the Rapp family.

What?  Another birthday?  Yep, it's Sister Jeff's birthday today.  She just turned 22.

When asked what kind of cake she wanted, she just said, "Surprise me!"

Everybody gathers around to help celebrate.  We have a couple of new faces - Elder Guanuna on the far left, and Elder Michelson - front left, were transferred into our district last week.

Sister Jeffs is careful to hold her hair out of the flame as she blows out her candles.

Fast forwarding to Halloween, we find this attractive young witch at FHE.  That's some colorful hair she's got there!

Elder Mueller and Sister Jeffs help create a story about their characters to present to the JoVos.

Which dwarf is that, Sister Jeffs - Doc or Grumpy?
Lieuwe and Roland aren's sure what to make of Elder Guanuna's costume.  They should look in the mirror - they look a little strange themselves.

This is our investigator from Ghana - Ellen.

I believe that's Lindsay in her Halloween finery.  It's hard to tell....

Our new JoVo center furniture arrived just in time for our Halloween party.  YEAH!

Another view - looking towards the baptistry.  We have 2 new couches and 2 new tables, plus a lamp that isn't in the picture.

Also a lovely large screen TV that Elder Beckstrand and Elder Salden mounted on the wall above the blackboard so that it would be harder for someone to steal from our center. 

Yes, Lieuwe - you look lovely.

Is this party is getting a little too rough?

Who are you, and what did you do with our President?

Our past president, Ramon, acts out his part of the story with our new president, David.

Whatever happened to the concept of happy endings?  These young people have quite creative imaginations and entertained us with some very interesting theatrical improvisations at FHE.
To end their Halloween P-Day the elders and sisters brought two shining jack-o-lanterns to our house  for trick-or-treating.  They were of course rewarded with lots of candy.  Happy Halloween, everybody!

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