Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Last Days...(of Cherie's Visit)

On Tuesday, after we fixed lunch for District Meeting, we made a trip to Haarlem - a  'must'  stop for every visitor to Holland.

Cherie really wanted to take this cute baby home.

In front of the lovely church in the old central square of the city.

Another building older than dirt....  Cherie insisted that she have a couple of pictures taken without her blue coat - just because.  It was a chilly day, but the sun was temporarily shining and she was willing to sacrifice her comfort for a different look.

A typical Dutch parking lot.

Inside the 'hiding place' at the Corrie Ten Boom House Museum.

It is really quite ingenious how they built the entrance to the fake wall where the Jews hid.

These two toned buildings are very beautiful and typical of 18th century Dutch architecture.

Yes - we're back at Noah's Ark.  We took a trip on Wednesday down to Dordrecht to show Cherie our first apartment and some interesting things in that city

Ya gotta love the flowers!

We also loved the pretty roof on this house.

A trip to Holland is not complete without a stop at Kinderdijk.

Windmills, windmills, as far as the eye can see.

This would look great on your facebook page.

Wouldn't it be nice to take one of these back home to Bountiful?

But not one of these.  Rotterdam has its share of vices, just like Amsterdam.

We went into the center of the city of Rotterdam to see the oldest building still standing after the German's burned the city during World War II.

 Then we drove to Zoetermeer to get a picture of the temple in the daylight.  It was too dark when we were here last Friday.

Even though it's the middle of October the flowers are still gorgeous.

Just like every other part of the country, Zoetermeer has its own unique windmill.

We got one picture together before we left for the airport on Thursday.  Perhaps it would have been better if Cherie's arm had been a little longer.....

Our royal chariot.  It gets us around, and it is very fuel efficient.

One unique but very awkward thing about our car is the way rear door opens.  As you can see in the photo, it opens toward the front.  It is extremely critical that the passenger in the back doesn't try to get out just as the passenger in the front opens her door.  Instant headache - or worse.

Yes, we're back at Schiphol - dang it!  We tried and tried to talk her into staying for two or three more months.  No dice.

Bye!  Have a safe flight.  It was SO fun having you here!

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