Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arrival in Mesa for Mission #2

Our week at the MTC as part of the Seminar for Visitors' Center directors ended with a lovely dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial building on Thursday evening.  We have been well fed spiritually and physically - now there is nothing left to do but go to work.

The first sight that greeted us as we drove onto Lesueur in Mesa was a lemon tree full of ripe fruit.  It was 19 degrees when we left Bountiful.  Could it be possible that there's this much difference in just a day's drive south?

The limes on this tree are still small, but they are growing quickly.  We took this picture in the back yard of our new home.

Seen from the temple complex parking lot - this is the temple president's home, which will be our home for the next two years.  What a privilege to live right on the temple grounds.

 I will never get tired of looking at the majestic Mesa Temple - what a magnificent edifice.  We walk in front of it every day as we make our way to the visitors' center, just a 4 minute walk from our back door.

Along the way we pass these lovely spring flowers that are already thriving in the almost 70 degree weather.  I can't believe it's only January.

A cactus garden reminds us that we are now living in the desert.

This is the Mesa Temple Visitors' Center - our home away from home for the next two years.  It is located just a few hundred feet from the temple across a pretty reflecting pool.

Inside the visitors' center the first thing that guests see is this beautiful statue of the Savior, known as the Christus.

Grapefruit trees line the walkways between the visitors' center and the temple.  Guests on the temple grounds are welcome to pick the fruit.  It is ripe and very delicious.

  We are standing just outside the south doors of the Visitors' Center.  The beautiful reflecting pool provides a gorgeous setting for the temple behind.  This temple was patterned after Solomon's temple of ancient times.

Elder and Sister White, the outgoing director and his wife, welcomed us warmly to our new assignment.  They had prepared a mountain of material for us to study as we get oriented to our new responsibilities.

We're definitely not in Holland anymore.  These palm trees are only a few of the beautiful trees that dot the landscape on the temple complex.

We're going to love our new living quarters.  This is the beautiful, spacious living room.  The fireplace on the right won't be needed from what I can tell so far.  When will it ever get cold enough to need a fire?  Although it's only January 15th, the weather is in the upper '60's.

The kitchen is spacious with granite countertops and beautiful tile flooring.  There is plenty of room to spread out in this work area.

This is the master bedroom.  The bed is king-size and so is the room.  I'm sure there'll be room for my quilt frames in here.  (Some things are nice, but some things are NECESSARY.)

The guest bedroom has two matching twin beds.  There is also room for a blow-up mattress on the floor for any 'young-uns' that might accompany the grown-ups. 

This is the 'dressing' area off the master bedroom.  I've never had a make-up stool and mirror before.  I'm not sure I'm high-class enough for all this luxury.

Our office contains a large desk, a computer desk, and a sofa on the side wall that has a fold-out bed inside.  We're hoping to use it often - (hint, hint).

This is the main bathroom.  Guests can have their own bathroom since there is another bathroom off the master bedroom.  The house was painted the week before we arrived, and all the carpets were cleaned just the day before we reached Mesa.  Talk about rolling out the red carpet.......
We feel very spoiled, and very grateful to have the privilege of being here.  We've got a lot to learn, but we're excited to get started.


  1. Palm trees.... that would be a wonderful sight to have every day!

  2. I am sister Kranendonk's sister. She sent us your blog address. It is so fun to see her picture on your blog. We sure miss her and love her. Say hello to her and give her a big hug for me (her big sister Elizabeth). I hope you don't mind but I want to follow your blog.