Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Christmas 2012 with Our Family

We enjoyed spending Christmas in Kanosh with Dwight's family.  Christmas Eve in this community has ended with a visit from Santa since I was a child (about 100 years ago).  The Primary children entertained us with a fun video of their activities during the year before Santa arrived.

Annika and Mia display some of their 'booty' from Santa.

Brooks reminds Santa about the telescope he's hoping to find under the tree tomorrow.

Christmas morning at the Dwight Beckstrand home found all participants in brand new p.j's.

Mylee is super excited about her new camera!

And Brooks is delighted to examine his new telescope.  Santa came through!!

With so much happening, the family Christmas party needed to wait until December 26th.   Traci's family were the gracious hosts again this year.   Jeff and his dad pair off in a game of pool.

This group enjoyed playing 'hand and foot' canasta.  Candice showed everyone how to win with one hand tied behind her back. That's quite the stylish headgear that Anna is wearing.

I always get a big smile from Amy.

Now we see the other side of the canasta table - is everyone having fun?

Nobody has cuter grandkids than I do!  NO ONE!

Even these guys!  (Crazy faces notwithstanding.)

Our next party was held in Logan on New Year's Eve with Cherie's family.  Megan and Heather lasted until about 8:00 pm, but their friends' parties eventually pulled them away.

Tyler decorated all of the light switches with pretzels.  Very creative!

Sunday afternoon we made up for the lost time on Saturday night.  And a good time was had by all!

Skyler blew out his birthday candles to celebrate a belated birthday on December 30th.  He's our newest grandson!  Candice did well......

Alyssa and grandma had a 'play-dough' party back at the house in Bountiful.  This is one of my favorite activities with the grandkids.

A new arrival!  Beautiful Quinn Taea Beckstrand was born Thursday, Jan. 5th in Provo.  She had lots of dark hair and chubby cheeks.  A first for Dwight and Melanie's babies.

All of the family is soooo excited to welcome their new sister.

To help pass the time while mom and baby were in the hospital, the rest of us went to the Aquarium in Sandy.  What a fun outing.

Our very favorite exhibit was the penguins - by a mile.  They were totally delightful.

All of the girls in our group tried to pile onto this frog.  It was a tight fit.

Back in Bountiful we had a pizza party with Jared's boys. 

Coen found out that he LOVES pizza!  This was his first time trying it.  Mmmmm.

Just one more thing to do before heading to Mesa for our new mission assignment.  I HAD to hold little Quinn while she's still tiny and new.  What a precious baby. 


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