Saturday, March 10, 2012

Four New Arrivals!

We received four lovely new missionaries this week to replace the four that went home.  This is Sister Schwartz from Atlanta, Georgia.

Hailing from Kaysville, Utah is Sister Cottrell.  The sister missionaries who have been here a few months knew her cousin who also served here at the Visitors' Center.

Next we have Sister Slater from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  She was a surprise arrival, coming a full six weeks ahead of her scheduled time.  Learning Spanish was a snap for her.

Our fourth arrival is Sister Larson, who calls Houston, Texas home.  She admitted she played tennis non-stop for a full month before she came to get enough to hold her for 18 months.

Sister Schwartz's companion is one of the VC Trainers - Sister Falcon.  She's very lucky to work with such a seasoned, capable sister.

Sister Cottrell is being trained by Sister Fors.  This will be a dynamic duo!  Sister Fors is one of our most enthusiastic missionaries.  She LOVES this work.

Sister Slater is learning the ropes from Sister Hartvigsen, who will just finish the 12 week training course when she is released in May.  She has a lot of experience to share with her new 'greenie'.

Color coordinated and a perfect match, Sister Larson will enjoy having Sister McKee for her trainer.  Sister McKee is one of our VC Trainers and charms everyone she meets with her million-dollar smile!  You can't help but feel happy around Sister McKee. 

And speaking of training - Elder and Sister Beckstrand were grateful to have President and Sister Ellsworth tutor them, along with the mission zone leaders and the VC Trainers, at a special Zone Training Meeting on March 9th.  We learn so much from our Mission President and his wife.  They love missionary service and they love their missionaries!

The sisters come for weekly training each Friday morning at the VC.  After the meeting we enjoy eating breakfast together.  The room comes alive with chatter when the young women get together.

Yesterday the sofa and window was piled 4 feet high with clothing that the sisters didn't want any longer.  The recycled clothing is brought to the break room to be gone-through by the other sisters and is free for the taking.  (It's always a big relief to the tidy senior sisters when it eventually goes on to Deseret Industries for distribution to the needy.)

Sister Hansen models one of her new acquisitions.  Very snazzy!  She'll sleep pretty tonight.

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