Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring in Mesa

Spring arrived in Mesa back in January.  The temple gardeners planted thousands of flowers the week we arrived.  Now in March they have grown into glorious displays of color.
The stage for the Easter Pageant continues to grow daily.  We're just three weeks from opening night.

As we walk from our home to the Visitors' Center we pass these gorgeous flowers.  They perfume the air with a smell that is indescribable.

The beauty of the different colors and varieties is candy for the eyes.

I would like to know what these beauties are called.  Anyone out there know?

The daisies grow waist high.  If my daisies in Bountiful could see these they would hang their heads in shame.

All sides of the reflecting pools are lined with flowers.

Notice the white flower inside the violet flower.  Soooo pretty.

We took a drive out to Gilbert on Saturday to see the progress on the new temple that is being built there.  The Mesa Temple is very crowded.  This new facility will be a welcome addition to the valley.

The north side has quite a lot of the outside wall in place.  It looks like this will be a good-sized temple.  It will be beautiful when it is all finished!

Natives of the area warn us that summers here are brutally hot.  For now, however, we're lovin' life in Mesa. 

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