Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodbye to Four Exemplary Missionaries

A farewell breakfast was held at the Director's home on March 2nd for our four sisters who will be released next week.  Sisters Kranendonk and Falcon are enjoying the orange knots.  (Sister McKee said they were the best tasting knots she's ever had in her stomach.) 

These sisters have to rise early to be here for a 7:00 am start time.

Sister Burton looks like she's been up for hours!

Two of our departing sisters - Sister Vause (left) and Sister Arias (right) share a kodak moment with Sister Tejada (center).  She will be returning home in April.

Our senior couples are a wonderful support for these young sisters and the Visitors' Center.  Elder and Sister Livingston do their job cheerfully and well.

Two other hard-working couples are the Jenkins (left) and Pecks.  We'll only have the Pecks one more month - they will be released after the Easter Pageant concludes.

Four smiling faces from Sisters Dashjav, Anderson, Vause, and Fors.

Sister Beu shares a hug with Sister Hartvigsen.

Sister McKee and Sister Solorzano.

Sisters Sordes, Avila, McKenna, and Lamb pause while finishing their breakfast to smile for the camera.

These sisters become very close during their service together.  Sister Parker shows her love for Sister Javed.

Yes, they're happy now, but wait until the companion legacies begin.  Then the tears start to flow.

Our Visitors' Center Choir will be performing at the Mission Fireside on Sunday.  This morning we took advantage of the opportunity to have a 'dress rehearsal'.  This group of young women love to sing and create beautiful harmony together.

These are the four sisters who have completed their service here.  They have become very dear to us in just the two months we have been here.  From the left they are:  Sisters Vause, Arias, Beu, and McKenna.  I'm guessing that their families are going to love seeing them come home to the same degree that we're going to hate seeing them leave. 

Elder Beckstrand and I are going to feel a huge void at the Visitors' Center when these fine missionaries leave us.  They have been a huge help to us and have set an amazing example of hard work and dedication for all of the young missionaries who serve here.

All of the VC sister missionaries (and some of the senior couples) meet at the Christus statue for a picture and the song, "God Be With You 'Til We Meet Again".  Most of us had trouble getting through the song. 

Group Hug!  We'll MISS you!  We LOVE you!

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